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My website Whealthmatch will be focused on helping older adults to find their life purpose through retirement planning. Retirement planning is about matching wealth and health together. But if you google the term, chances are 90%, or the website only talks about wealth. You won’t have good health if you only focus on chasing wealth. Without health, you cannot enjoy your wealth. But I know that most people who visit this website might not think about planning for retirement yet. Since this is my first blog, and I don’t want to bore you with inflation and unemployment (my expertise), let’s talk about the health side of my page.
Retirement requires at least 20 years of planning, including our health. Our health should start with our face (my opinion). One’s appearance signals the healthiness of our heart (or the other way round, you can make your call). You will look more confident and become pretty or handsome if you’re healthy. If people praise that you are cute or attractive, you will become more confident and in good shape. It is like an infinite loop. So, our first topic today is the anti-ageing facial mask. Getting rid of wrinkles is very important for those who wish to look younger. Even though they are already reaching their golden age (again, in my opinion), or they started late, it does not matter. I will share some methods that helped me look like I am in my twenties, although I am almost reaching my forties and a bonus (The way of making one organic facial mask)!! So, the three ways of looking younger are:


1. Facial care

First, one must know how to use essential facial care products. Overall, the facial products in the market are categorised into three categories. They include toner or lotion (for some certain brands, lotion can be toner as well, so please ask the experts), essence or serum, and moisturiser. Many people don’t even know the difference before purchasing and applying the product to their faces. Toner is used to shrink the poles after your face wash. It can strengthen and tighten your skin after you use it for some time. It can also help to brighten your skin. This is the first product that you apply after washing your face. You just need to pour some toner out (usually in liquid form) on a piece of face cotton (if you want to save your face cotton, you can pull out a few layers and save the rest for future usage). Then slowly rub the face cotton against your face. Your face should be relaxed and not frowning. DO NOT use your hand since your hands might contain a lot of germs and lead to more acne. Cleaning your face makes germs relatively easy to penetrate your pores. Once you apply the toner to your face area, you can use the essence. 

Essence is for skin moist, anti-ageing, anti-wrinkles and much more (consult your skin expert before buying).
Apply the essence to your palm and slowly massage them on your face. Essence or serum is like a vitamin for the face. But I don’t use both serum and essence. Usually, you just need to use either one (depending on the brand). The third is the moisturiser. It is generally divided into three categories. The day, night and a combination of both. I will advise you to get the last one as you don’t need to differentiate which one to use. You can use the same way as essence to apply them to your face. The moisturiser’s function is to lock your essence or serum in your cells.

2. Drink warm water

Second, drinking warm water is the most basic anti-ageing method. It helps moisturise your body (as humans are mainly 70% made of water), and it can help your skin too! This is because drinking warm water can helps to detoxify your body and prevent constipation. If you cannot get hold of warm water during the day, you should at least drink one glass of warm water in the morning after you wake up. By eliminating the toxins in your body, your skin will automatically improve. And, of course, fewer wrinkles!!!

3. Sleep before 11am

Third, sleeping before 11 pm helps to prevent wrinkles!!! The liver in our human body only helps eliminate the toxic, and chemical waste from 1 am to 3 am while you sleep. Then why to sleep before 11 pm, you may ask! Because it is not just about sleeping, it is about deep sleep. If you are not in this stage, your liver might think that you are not sleeping, as you might still be thinking about your daily life while entering the first stage of sleep. It may take a while before you have a deep sleep. Hence, your liver will not work correctly until then. This is the easiest and cheapest way to try if you’re not into skin care products and don’t feel like drinking water!!!


Last, let me share an organic facial mask. The mask recipe only consists of three ingredients. They include matcha powder (based on your preference, you can choose to add another type of powder or don’t need to add it at all), yoghurt and honey. That’s all. Don’t worry about the ratio! Otherwise, you will have more wrinkles instead of less. Make sure the facial masks are not too watery or sticky when mixing them up in a bowl. Apply the mask for 15 minutes, then rinse it with some water. As easy as that.

That’s all. Hopefully, you will like my first blog. I will be sharing not only about health preservation but wealth preservation in my blog. Do visit my webpage often to get the latest updates. And try the mask now!!!