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Retirement life is a pain for retirees after the honeymoon stage. They often find themselves in a lot of physical and mental pain, as well as loss of purpose. Some of them may even face financial difficulties. Our platform offers retirees the opportunity to explore their passions and connect with like-minded individuals on their journey through retirement.

Whealth Match provides you with the information and education regarding active retirement, to make informed decisions and acquire new knowledge. 

Whealth Match allows retirees to discover new activities, hobbies and make new friends even if you and your loved ones already have many friends or you don’t have any.

Whealth Match help people who care about their retirement to not to go through the mental block on wealth and health planning, preservation and creation.
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Average savings rate:

Should you save more when interest rate is so low? Find an alternative investment vehicle.

Medical inflation:

Should you plan on health to avoid paying expensive medical bill?

Inflation Rate:

Inflation is eating your value of the currency. Discover how the money can work harder for you.

Money supply:
522.668 USD billion

Get ready for more currency printing! What can you do about your currency?

Healthy recipes

Find your road to a healthy meal

Healthy exercises and mental health

A journey to healthy lifestyles by investing and taking care of your physical and mental health

Financial assistance for the elderly

A complete guide to save cost and apply for senior citizen benefit


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