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At Whealthmatch, we help, encourage and share knowledge on retirement planning. If you’ve got a wealth or health concern, we’ll take it, discover it and solve it in few simple clicks. We’re obsessed with assisting individuals into different aspects of their lives, and growing their wisdom into wealth and health preservation that change lives. We love what we do and fully understand the real impact we can have on your financial and wellness designing. When you partner with us, we will always provide you with the best service and results.

How it all started

During the lockdown of 2020, Kok Pin saw that many individuals are unemployed and cannot even fork out some money to sustain their living. He conceived the idea of helping individuals to get started with retirement planning early without having to go through the overwhelming information in the internet that he had gone through himself when he first started planning for his retirement in Malaysia.

At the same time, he found out many platforms are merely discussing about financial planning although they use the words “retirement planning”. Kok Pin believe that only by matching wealth and health, then only individuals can retire comfortably.