Nursing Care

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Accelerate the speed of recovery in a sanitised, hygienic and serene ambience without worrying about work, burdening your loved ones and trapped into more unforeseen accidents!!! What is more, a Bacteria and VIRUS free environment!

What many individuals don’t know is that a good lighting, ventilation and thermal environment and just from these three elements alone can significantly has a huge difference in the speed of recovery for your loved ones. Now you have this information, you can choose to either do it yourself, or you can work with us where we will professionally help you to take care of your loved ones so that you can focus on the daily tasks of your family and work.
nursing care
Shalom Home @ Section 19, PJ
Shalom Home @ Damansara Utama
Jasper Lodge @ PJ5
Jasper Lodge @ PJ3
Jasper Lodge @ PJ2
Jasper Lodge @ PJ1
Jasper Lodge @ Kuching
Jasper Lodge @ Kuantan
Jasper Lodge @ Kenny Hills
Jasper Lodge @ Johor Bahru
Jasper Lodge @ Georgetown
Jasper Lodge @ Gelugor