There are numerous types of retirement homes, old folk homes, and nursing homes on the market. Choosing a suitable one for yourself or your loved one is troublesome. Selecting an appropriate type of older adult home is essential to meet your needs regarding fees, services and facilities, medical care, and environment. Here, we will focus on retirement homes and nursing homes.

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Retirement homes

Retirement homes are also called older people’s homes or nursing homes. Most retirement homes provide services to older adults who are still capable of taking care of themselves or half capable of doing so without serious illness. Generally, retirement homes lack proper medical facilities and only have a few health professionals. They assist the resident if needed and take care of their daily life. There is usually an apartment-style room or suite of rooms for each person or couple in the house. 

Services and facilities provided:

  • Residential care/ General care

  • Meals (personal preference)

  • Assist in personal care needs such as personal hygiene and washing 

  • Social or physical activities



The cost of retirement homes in Malaysia is very different. It highly depends on the location of the houses, services and facilities, living environment and additional care (if needed). For example, a home in a prosperous advanced city such as Kuala Lumpur will be more expensive because of the location and standard of living.



A single room with an ensuite bedroom

RM 3520

Twin room 

RM 3020

Shared room 

RM 2420


* Per month


In this case, for taking a shared room, RM 2420 for a year will be a total of RM 29,040 with no additional care services.


Depending on the home location and services provided, you may also find more affordable prices.

Nursing homes

Compared with retirement homes, nursing homes typically offer higher medical care. It is no longer possible for nursing home residents to live in their “own homes”. As a nursing home, we aim to provide residents with the same level of health care as a hospital while at the same time making them feel at home. Nursing homes generally are suitable for elderly adults incapable of caring for themselves. They are also ideal for those who have undergone surgery and are in recovery and those who have serious illnesses that require constant medical attention. Most of the staff members in this home are qualified and professional doctors and nurses with sufficient experience in providing professional health care to residents. Therefore, the medical services provided will aid the residents in recovering after surgery. Older adults’ health care plans will be customised based on their needs.

Services and facilities: 


  • 24 hours nursing care & specialised health care (round-the-clock)

  • Schedule medication

  • Entertainment and leisure activities

  • Meals (customise based on resident health)

  • Laundry services

  • Personal hygiene management 

  • Counselling 

  • Qualified nursing standby all day in homes

  • Physiotherapy session


Typically, nursing home costs include accommodation, meals, and 24-hour nursing care. However, several factors can affect the final price of a nursing home. These factors include the facility’s location and the required level of care.



For example, the table above may guide the nursing home price and price of a shared room. Additional fees will be charged for oxygen concentrators, suction, and other medical and nursing procedure.



In retirement homes, older adults have access to ordinary living communities. Those who live here no longer have to take care of trivial matters like manicured gardens, cooking for family members, and household chores. This is a place where people live solely for themselves and have social activities aimed at making more friends of a similar age, playing games, and having hobbies. People with transportation issues who want to socialise can take advantage of this service. Retirement homes provide security of living assistance, making it safe to live there.


Nursing homes provide a convenient and safe environment for older adults, and they provide 24 hours of nursing care to assist in detecting injuries immediately. Living in a nursing home may not be the same as living in your “own home”. The doctor and nurse will prepare the resident’s meal plan and daily itinerary. To ensure the resident can recover quickly from surgery or maintain and improve their health.


Tips – Retirement and nursing homes selection

  • Ask for recommendations from friends and doctors is always a good start

  • Amount of nurse or living assistance the home provides. Make sure to have an adequate staffing

  • License and certificate

  • Flexible visitation

  • Service and facilities provided under the chosen package

  • Good interaction with residence

  • Meals provide meets individual dietary needs, preferences and religious or cultural requirements