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What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics came from the Greek word “Meta Ta Physika”, which means “After the Things of Nature”. In other words, metaphysics is all about studying the concepts that help shape, define and understand our reality beyond the physical standpoint. Metaphysics usually examines the state of the human mind (not to be mistaken with the brain), existence, nature of space, time, and many other abstract concepts. 

Philosophy is heavily connected with metaphysics as, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, it is the use of reason in understanding the nature of reality and existence, knowledge, and morals. The philosophy revolves around “thought”, which the ancient Egyptians consider as our sixth sense (where the five primary senses are touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste), such as what’s presented by the belief of the Eye of Horus. 

What should you use Metaphysics for?

The concept of metaphysics is abstract, but the tools used to study metaphysics are very much concrete. The most common tools around us are crystal balls, tarot cards, astrology charts, Qi Men, Feng Shui, and meditation. 

But when could you use metaphysics? It can be used anytime, anywhere, for any given situation. Some scenarios of when to use metaphysics are as shown below:
For undergraduates / fresh graduates:
  • What course would be the most beneficial for you and the future?
  • What field of work is best suited for you?
For middle-aged working adults:
  • How to deal with specific workplace dilemmas amongst colleagues
  • When would be the best time to retire?
For senior citizens:
  • How to keep the finances of the family afloat while in this state of age
  • How to maintain wellbeing/positive energy of the mind 

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Whenever you have a question (and choices to be made), using these techniques (or receiving consultations) could provide a more detailed guide on which decision to make. However, it must be pointed out that metaphysics is not an All-Seeing-Eye of answers as it is not used to see the future nor give a definite answer to your issues, but rather as a forecast or prediction of the path you are taking in your life at the current moment. 

So, how much should you believe in Metaphysics?

Quoting Dato Joey Yap, a Malaysian metaphysician who founded the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics: “Metaphysics is an ability to create life transformation through empirical science – it requires experiential studies and practice, not theoretical. It’s abstract, which is hard to prove, but it exists, and we know it exists.”

(Source: Tatlerasia.com)

Metaphysics does not change your life immediately upon using it; it is how you utilise the techniques correctly to keep your mind, emotions and body healthy, which drives you to your desired path. For instance, if in the current state of your life, you feel down in the dumps and showing signs of mid-life crisis where you’re uncertain about what to do – the decisions you make might not be the best. By utilising metaphysical tools, you could elevate your well-being, practice channelling positive energy into your life, and be able to shape the path of your life. It is believed that your destiny is not fixed. It can be changed at any time, as long as you put effort into creating your future. Understandably, many individuals might find metaphysics shady. Nonetheless, it does take experiencing and witnessing the power of “Beyond Physical” channels to believe in such studies.

Are you interested in Metaphysics? How should you start?

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There are two ways of going about metaphysics. You could either arrange consultations with your local metaphysicians to discuss your concerns, or you could study and hone the skills of metaphysics. 

There are introductory courses online that you could tune in with costs of RM70++. But if you were to take more formal and in-depth classes taught by metaphysicians, it might even go up to RM8000 or more. Some tertiary studies touch on metaphysics subjects, such as Universiti Utara Malaysia and Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia.
Consultations are also around the same range, where the most professional consulting services could cost above RM1000 or even more. 

Although it is expensive, learning or diving into metaphysics is a knowledge and skill that could be used for yourself and others around you to steer them into a positive light in life. Regardless of age, this knowledge could be passed on to others and enlighten you about your life much more than you would expect. It is never too late to learn something new and beneficial for your life.






Joey Yap believes he can change his destiny, so he did